Having many years of experience in marketing grain crops both in Ukraine and abroad, Limited Liability Company “WELLTRADING” offers various types and grades of grain crops, as well as favorable terms of cooperation and delivery.

Procurement of agricultural products is carried out at certified elevators and at farm enterprises throughout Ukraine, which gives access to raw materials of the highest quality.

Our company is ready to satisfy any customers’ requests both for the quality of the respective products and for their volumes, thanks to the wide assortment of legumes and grain crops and the well-coordinated work of experienced personnel.

Bread crops

WELLTRADING carries out wholesale trading of such bread grain crops as oats, millet, wheat, barley and corn. Other types and grades of grain cereals are also available for purchase.

The company has all the necessary certificates, confirming the high quality of our products.

If you have any questions regarding cooperation, managers of bread crops department will readily respond and, if necessary, send samples of products.


The assortment of legumes is widely represented, but not limited to such industrial crops such as soy, peas, chickpeas, lupine, beans and lentils. Qualified specialists of WELLRADING, LLC will be able to propose products with the necessary quality characteristics regarding the protein content, humidity level, the presence of foreign impurities or GMOs, etc. Qualified management team will answer all the questions that interest you and will be able to send samples of products according to your request.

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