Ukraine has long been called the breadbasket of Europe, and the Ukrainians themselves are called grain growers. Therefore, the cultivation and processing of crop products is the traditional direction of the agro-industrial complex for Ukraine.

The striking fact is that almost half of all grounds in Ukraine are black soils, that is, the most fertile soils in the world. The volume of Ukrainian black soils is one fifth of the world’s resource. Fertile land, favorable climate and extremely high professionalism of farmers allow annually to gather the high harvests.

The main grain crop of Ukraine is winter wheat, which is mainly grown in the forest-steppe and northern regions of the steppe. Spring wheat, the second crop in Ukraine by volume of sown areas, has slightly lower yields than winter wheat, and its crops are located mainly in steppe regions of Ukraine with more severe winters, where in winter there is practically no permanent snow cover.

Barley and corn occupy the second and, respectively, the third place in the areas of crops.

Croppings, such as millet, rice, sunflower and sugar beet are on the list of cultivated plants, which are leaders in the volumes of sown areas in our country.

In addition to meeting the domestic needs of Ukrainians, a significant portion of grain and industrial crops are exported abroad.

Refinement products in the food industry

Agriculture, namely the agro-industrial complex, produces basic food products, as well as raw materials for the food industry. Health, working capacity and mood of every person directly depends on the quantity and quality of these products, the variety of its assortment.

Refinement products in cattle breeding

Refinement products are widely used in cattle breeding. Now, in connection with the demand for ecologically friendly and healthy products and due to fair competition, more and more individual farmers and farm enterprises are switching to use of healthy feed additives made from by-products of  the of plant raw materials refinement.

A very common element in the diet of animals is coarse wheat flour. It is made by grinding crude, that is, whole wheat grain.

From soy, corn and sunflower a valuable feed additive – cake meal is produced. It is the source of proteins, microelements, vitamins of B and E group. Such feed provides animals with a wide spectrum of substances that stimulate their rapid growth and makes them healthy and resistant to diseases.

Extraction cake is a solid residue of oilseed seeds after extracting the oil from it during an extraction process or after extraction of the oils with solvents. Since the extraction cake is used for the production of high-quality feeds, it is evaluated for the content of valuable substances, especially protein and fats.

The most popular product of this type is high-protein soybean extraction cake. Its annual production in the world reaches 130 million tons. The main buyers of soybean extraction cake are the countries of Europe and South-East Asia.

It is interesting that according to the volume of production of sunflower extraction cake Ukraine is among the three leaders together with Argentina and Russia; these countries account for more than 40 percent of world production.

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